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1 to 1 Training

1 to 1 training is suitable for students who want a more focused approach than regular classes, or who are looking to work on a specific dance or skill.
To arrange a 1 to 1 session, fill out the contact form below and our teacher will get in contact.

Types of 1 to 1 Training:

Feedback Videos:
Submit a practice video by email for feedback. Feedback can be given in written or video form. Prices from €10 (Depends on length of video and feedback style requested.)

Feedback Zoom:
A 1 to 1 session on zoom for giving feedback on a dance or basics that the student has already learned. Prices from €20 for 30min session or €40 for 1 hour session.

Training Zoom:
A 1 to 1 session on zoom for learning a new dance or basic skills. Sessions are 1 hour each and include stretching and basics warm up.
€40 for basics class
€40 for dance already known to teacher
€50 for dance unknown to teacher

Special 30 Day Program:
If you're taking the 30 day program and would like to get feedback on your progress, the following options are available:
€35 Basics Feedback Only
€35 Choreography Feedback Only
€60 Basics & Choreography Feedback

1 to 1 Training Request Form

Thanks for submitting!

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