Our Teacher

  • 4 years of dance training in South Korea at Def Dance Skool.

  • Led international team at Def Dance Skool. (3 Performances)

  • Head dance teacher at SEV Pungnap and SEV Suyu in Seoul.

  • 6 years K-Pop teaching experience.

  • Trained 6 competition teams and 9 video teams.

  • Two interviews on RTE Radio about K-Pop & Korean culture.

  • Highly experienced in teaching neurodivergent students and those who stuggle with anxiety.

Our Style:

  • Specially designed for beginner students.

  • A fun, energetic atmosphere where everyone can learn.

  • All ages (11-adult) and all abilities learn side by side.

  • Students build a community together and support each other.

About Us

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