First Time & Nervous Dancers

I'm worried about getting there:

The addresses for all our classes locations are on the locations page, but you can always call or message us as you arrive and we'll be happy to direct you or bring you up personally. 

I'm a total beginner!

Most students at our classes take their first ever dance class with us. We cover basics at the start to help beginners learn about dance and movement.  Each class is focused on everyone having fun, we don't expect or want our students to work too hard on getting things right, especially at the expense of enjoying the class.

I'm nervous of others watching me dance:

In every class, there are two things that students look at: the teacher, and themselves in the mirror. Students are usually focused on their own learning, and they don't look at the people around them. In addition, our teachers will never ask someone to perform in front of others, or ask others to watch a particular person for any reason. 

New places/people/skills make me anxious:

Our teacher Orna has lived with anxiety her whole life and is very understanding of any students who feel the same. There is never any reason a student will be put under pressure in our classes, and we pride ourselves on creating an open, welcoming community within the class groups. 

If students are feeling overwhelmed, they are always welcome to sit down for a minute, drink some water, or go outside the door for some space, and will never be questioned or singled out for doing so. 

I have difficulties with coordination and/or focus:

Our teacher Orna has experience with students of all abilities and difficulties. She will do her best to make sure that the class is accessible for everyone who wants to take it. Where a particular move or sequence is challenging, or a group/student is struggling, alternatives are always provided so that everyone can keep up at their own level in their own way. She will never draw attention to a particular person if they are having difficulty, but will address the group as a whole.