Spring 2021 Scholarship Programme

The Spring 2021 Scholarship programme is now open for applications!

It is essential that you read the below information before applying.

What is the Scholarship?

  • The scholarship provides a student with free classes between February and early July. (Over €900 worth of classes)

  • Scholarship students are automatically given a place in all crew videos and competition teams.

  • Dublin scholarship will apply from Feb 1st assuming studios have reopened, it will be deferred if not.

  • Cork/Limerick are not currently available due to restrictions, but will hopefully resume within the Spring.

Who can apply?

  • Anyone can apply but it is intended for students who are struggling financially to afford all of the classes they would like to take, or cannot afford to take part in crew performance classes.

  • Proof of financial status is NOT required, however I will be looking to see your determination and passion for dance, so that I know you will make the best possible use of the scholarship.

Will scholarship students have responsibilities?

  • Scholarship students MUST attend all classes available to them. This is usually 3 hours per session.

  • Scholarship students should always give 100% in crew performances, as they are given a placement that others must work hard to apply for. They also must participate in all crew performances.

  • Scholarship students may be asked to assist the teacher with stretching or admin related tasks in the studio.

How to apply?

  • Click on the relevant button below to apply.

  • Fill out the application form and attach a short dance video. (30 sec - 1min) Remember, I'm not looking for skill or ability, just for passion and energy.

  • Application deadline is January 3rd 11:59pm.

  • Scholarship students will be contacted individually by January 10th.